Here’s today’s PSA. I know it’s a lot darker than the Vaccination one, my apologies; I’ll try to re-scan it on lighter settings later today and re-post a better quality image.

I also apologize for the other sign of my incredible laziness with this picture, as our roommate suggested I, after cleaning up inking mistakes, photoshop in some llamas and then put Nic Cage’s face on everyone, especially the llamas. So sorry to disappoint you all – but I am never going to do that. Hopefully you’re still able to take the PSA seriously. Bullying in the world of villains is a serious problem! Don’t you realize that nothing satisfies a hero like defeating a bully?


Edit: Apparently WordPress is having issues publishing these when I ask it to? I had this scheduled to post at 7:30am today…

Here’s the belated lighter version:


About Rii the Wordsmith

An aspiring author, artist, avid consumer of storytelling medium, gamer, psychologist (insomuch as one with her bachelor's is a psychologist), wife, mother, DM, Christian, a friend to many, and, most importantly, an evil overlord.
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