NaNo Challenge Mode: Baby

Due to the hierarchy of procrastination and my 80 wpm typing speed, NaNo has never been a problem for me. My long-windedness serves me well in NaNo. The hierarchy is easy: games and facebook are the worst distractions, no real productivity, only distractions. Wring, doodling, productive and entertaining diversions are low-priority and therefore only a rung above non-productivity. Cleaning is productive and boring, and should be done some time. Maybe. Schoolwork or work is high-importance, with a deadline, and is at the top. If I don’t want to do work, anything below will suffice as proper procrastination.

As you can see, in my leisure time, doing NaNo is hard because it becomes the most important and productive thing I can be doing. The only thing I need to remedy my unwillingness to focus on writing is to find it very necessary to do cleaning or work. Suddenly NaNo is much more appealing. Sometimes the going gets rough and NaNoing climbs rungs, but primarily this is the hierarchy. I just need to find something better I should be doing, try to do it, and then I can ignore it and NaNo instead.

The problem with challenge mode: baby is that baby trumps everything in importance, and baby cannot be ignored like work can. Also, baby is finicky and will sleep peacefully only if I’m holding her, or “decide” that dozing during most of her eating and then “pretending” satisfaction only to demand food a half hour later and crying hysterically for the next hour and a half is a good idea (quotes because she’s not doing it on purpose, I know). Work or cleaning doesn’t spit up everywhere when I’m in the middle of a streak of inspiration. Work or cleaning doesn’t get lonely and need to be held.

You can’t procrastinate baby.

Well I mean you can but then you end up on the news as one of those dole-faced monsters that don’t deserve to be parents because their baby died because they couldn’t be bothered to break away from their computer game or who put their baby in the trunk of their car because they didn’t want to get ticketed for not having a car seat (true story).

Then again, as I hold her now and she looks around with beautiful, curious eyes as I peck-type this post, as she sneezes adorably…I can’t procrastinate baby, she’s too precious. And I love her.

So NaNo this year is a challenge indeed for me as my normal strategy is disrupted. But I guess we’ll see if I can’t do it anyway.

(I’m writing this post instead of NaNoing because my NaNo prologue sucks and is nothing like what was in my head. I needed a diversion before I started editing.)

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An aspiring author, artist, avid consumer of storytelling medium, gamer, psychologist (insomuch as one with her bachelor's is a psychologist), wife, mother, DM, Christian, a friend to many, and, most importantly, an evil overlord.
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