Age of Ultron: Quick Look At Ultron

I’m not a huge comic book fan, but I can enjoy a super hero movie just as well as the next casual, and because I know people who ARE huge comic book fans who can tell me all the in-betweens of what’s going on, I do at least enjoy the story fairly well. Thus, when presented with an opportunity to go to a pre-screening of Age of Ultron, I was far more excited that it meant my husband and I had an excellent excuse for a date night than that I was going to see Age of Ultron.

But the movie was, for a casual like me, actually really, really good. And it was really good because of Ultron.

Oh, great, a movie where the main villain is a murderous robo-HOLY COW HE’S INTERESTING!

I don’t tend to like robot villains as much because robots lack a critical element that makes it possible for the reader/viewer to identify with it: emotion, empathy. In addition to that, robots tend to have only the slightest variations of personality, as personality has to be programmed in to a robot. Many writers just forgo real personality and keep it to the skinned, mechanical, coldly-calculating robot thing to make it all the more terrifying. This is all fine for your average robo bad guy, but if I can’t relate to the villain, then I am with the heroes in just getting rid of the stupid thing as fast as possible. I don’t spend any time really enjoying the villain, hoping he gets screen time, or thinking of him as even a real character. If I can’t relate to the villain, the villain just becomes Another Thing to me.

Not Ultron. I’d totally hang out with Ultron. What? Turns out you want to destroy the world and obliterate mankind? Bummer. Well, I’m sure the heroes will stop you, can we go get ice-cream on the way back from Important Plot Point?

Ultron had an amazing personality, easily ranking up in some of my favorite personalities.

My husband expressed that he was disappointed that more time was not spent establishing Ultron’s psyche, why Ultron insisted on humanoid forms, that sort of thing. I agree primarily because I would have been totally fine with more screentime for Ultron. Although, the other thing I really liked about the movie was how well the Avengers quips were woven into dialog and action. Ordinarily, in an action movie, you get a small handful of quips and there’s a pause before it – everyone leaves the guy behind and he stares after the people who left and says, “….quip!” before jogging after them and that’s your main joke line for the film. Nope. Not here. Just constantly, just like a real person would snap them out. Glorious.

So I would totally watch this movie again – and for those of you who have seen Avengers about a million times up til now, understand that I can enjoy superhero-action movies but they aren’t really my shtick and ordinarily I don’t really watch them multiple times. You multiple-Avengers-watchers, you’re going to love it. I’m excited for you guys. And if you’ve been enjoying the villains of Marvel, Ultron will not disappoint.

Oh, and no, really, there’s not anything after the credits. Sorry. I know, we all wanted that scene with Stan Lee as the janitor that just picks up Mol…Mlj…Molj…Thor’s hammer, cleans under it, sets it down. He has a different, still hilarious, cameo. I know, I’m as bummed as you.

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1 Response to Age of Ultron: Quick Look At Ultron

  1. taydebear says:

    Thank you for posting this, because I thought the same thing. 😀


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