Hey guys. I was trying really hard to write a legit post but…my mental health is rapidly failing and I just can’t. I’m sorry.

I’m going to try and get something up later in the week, even if it’s just a PSA. To keep this post from being a complete failure, here are a couple of comics I drew once.

This one is the more comedic sum-up of a scene that happens in a book I’ll write in the future. The two characters are the main protagonist and the currently-a-protagonist-but-it’s-pretty-obvious-he’s-gonna-become-the-main-antagonist.

And here’s a dragon. I was gonna go beyond a line sketch, ink it and color it black but obviously I didn’t do that.

Clearly this dragon is so cool you forgot that you were expecting writing advice on villains, right?

And now for a random piece of advice: if you decide to do freelancing, there are people out there who would pay you a cent or less per word. DO NOT WORK FOR THESE PEOPLE. YOU ARE WORTH MORE. I don’t care who you are or what your skill, so long as your spelling and grammar are good and you call yourself a writer, don’t let someone pay you a pittance for your work. It hurts all writers when you do that, including the skilled ones, but more importantly, you are worth more.

Really you should expect quite a bit more than that. And that’s all I got for right now.

So yeah. Sorry again. I’m determined not to let this happen next Monday so even if I don’t manage to get something else up this week, we aren’t going to run into this again. Well not next week anyway.


About Rii the Wordsmith

An aspiring author, artist, avid consumer of storytelling medium, gamer, psychologist (insomuch as one with her bachelor's is a psychologist), wife, mother, DM, Christian, a friend to many, and, most importantly, an evil overlord.
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2 Responses to Nope.

  1. Here’s to mental health–the good parts and the creatively lucrative bad parts. Hope you’re feeling better, love.


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