Now It Has A Title

Hey minions, my computer is having serious issues where it frequently and randomly turns off. It’s not a power or overheating issue. Likely it’s a something physical is seriously broken issue. I can’t buy a new one any time soon, and I’m typing this on my phone. I can’t do a full article on my phone, it’d be way too obnoxious. I’ll use a different computer tomorrow to do my article – I just saw Antman and it’ll be on unstable villains so look forward to that.

Thanks for your understanding. Also your understanding that this doesn’t currently have a title because my phone didn’t want to open the keyboard for it.

Okay. Now that my husband brought home his work Mac for me to do blog posts on, I can edit this and give it a title. I’m a PC gal, by the way, so you understand that I’m not a happy camper to be using a Mac. Look, even if you LIKE Macs, you should understand that it’s not a matter of which is better, it’s a matter of preference, and you can sympathize that I’m as unhappy using this computer as you would be using a PC. No argument necessary.

What’s that? You think next time I should just go to the library or some other public place with computers? Well, given the fact I did, in fact, manage not to eat my daughter, and she’s only 10 months old, it’s just not going to work out well for me. I’d spend all my time there entertaining her best case scenario.

It’ll be a little rough for a little while but eventually I’ll get something worked out.

About Rii the Wordsmith

An aspiring author, artist, avid consumer of storytelling medium, gamer, psychologist (insomuch as one with her bachelor's is a psychologist), wife, mother, DM, Christian, a friend to many, and, most importantly, an evil overlord.
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