The common cold sounds a lot cooler when you say “rhinovirus” instead, doesn’t it?

Anyway that’s what my little one has, and it’s actually pretty bad (who knew a stupid rhinovirus could make a kid’s temperature rise well above 104?), which is why I haven’t been able to play through a genocide run on Undertale, which in turn is why I’m writing about how much cooler “rhinovirus” is than “common cold”. I actually wanted to do three posts this week about what we learn about villains from Undertale. It’s going to be 100% spoilerific so if you have been planning on playing, better not read the posts about it. And you should plan on playing it. I’ve really enjoyed Undertale.


Anyway if I can’t get to it this week, and it’s likely my kid will be sick all this week, then I’ll try to finish up the genocide run and get my thoughts up next week. I guess I should go because my kid is throwing a tantrum because I wouldn’t open up the fridge for her, which is her new favorite hobby: get mom or dad to open the fridge.

About Rii the Wordsmith

An aspiring author, artist, avid consumer of storytelling medium, gamer, psychologist (insomuch as one with her bachelor's is a psychologist), wife, mother, DM, Christian, a friend to many, and, most importantly, an evil overlord.
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2 Responses to Rhinovirus

  1. Ayyyy! Best of luck to you and the baby. I know my mom used to freak when my temperature would get up that high. I hope she gets feeling better soon.


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