Attention to Detail: Titania’s Boobs

Yes. We’re going to talk about boobs in this one.

Remember when I rambled a bit about how little details can add so much, like seasonings, if used in the right amount?

Tyler and I picked up the anime The Ancient Magus Bride. We’ve liked it a lot, and in the show, the main characters come across Titania, Queen of the Faeries and mother of fey creatures. In typical anime fashion, she is made to look exotic by wearing a dress that shows so much of her breasts that it’s clear her nipples are wherever Aladin’s went.


In case you weren’t aware, women’s nipples are not on the underside of their boobs.

Ordinarily, this would be somewhat irritating to me, but there’s a specific detail to Titania’s breasts that’s actually really important. See they’re not shaped like your average anime girl’s boobs.


Darkness from Konosuba – sheesh near all the women in that anime have gigantic, round, elastically bouncy boobs that often move of their own freaking accord in a way a real woman’s NEVER do. It’s ridiculous.

They don’t move like one, either – it’s pretty clear from their shape and their movement that they are saggy.

Aside from the fact that this is critical to me because boobs that have been “ruined” to sagginess due to having a child (and subsequently breastfeeding them) are pretty much never represented let alone presented as sexy – and unless you are a mom whose body was “ruined” by childbirth, you’ve no idea the body image issues you have from this change and therefore how much it means to me – this is an important, small detail that highlights and strengthens Titania’s title of “Mother”. Which is one that appears to be vital to her, as her leaving words claim the main characters as her children, among all things fey and strange.

Claiming motherhood is one thing – and primarily backed by actions and personality, anything under “behavior patterns”. But looking the part, well…that’s another thing. If they didn’t want to give Titania the deadly mom ponytail


Loose side ponytail kills

which would be inappropriate anyway, giving her saggy mom boobs instead of plastic surgery…er, orbs…is certainly a way to make her matronly in form, freeing up space to make her look ethereal in other design.  (Disclaimer: there is nothing wrong with the orbish breasts generally only plastic surgery can produce. They’re just not appropriate for every woman in every circumstance, something that visual media often has a hard time realizing.)

The execution of Titania’s breasts was a small bit of attention to detail, one that would be easy for a lot of people to miss. But to me, it was significant. And it’s that level of attention to detail that your characters deserve from you.

And you know what else? That tiny bit of representation of a different kind of woman’s body, the kind I have now, sure did ingratiate me to The Ancient Magus Bride.


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2 Responses to Attention to Detail: Titania’s Boobs

  1. Kayla says:

    I love this anime! While watching it I did notice the that she was different but I never thought of it that way. I too have had my body changed by childbirth, so this is interesting to think about. However I don’t like that you referred to your body being “ruined.” No motherhood isn’t glamerous & yes our babies do change but it’s not ruined. My husband loves some of the changes, he called my stretch marks, “battle marks,” or, ” tiger stipes.” He says they’re beautiful & are a reminder of the wonder that is childbearing. I’m not angry I just don’t like how the world labels mother’s as “ruined.”


    • There’s a reason I used quotation marks – I have so many thoughts on body changes from pregnancy I could write a post about it and didn’t want this one to be about that very much.
      I don’t consider a mother’s body a ruined body. But it IS irrevocably changed – the body you once had is gone forever (even with plastic surgery, it’s not going to be the same), and that body is often the one society says is attractive, and the new one isn’t, hence ruined – except it’s not ruined, so “ruined”. Ruined according to some people who are wrong.
      Additionally for me, the change in losing perky boobs to what I’ve called “melting clock boobs” was really hard. My husband loved them just the same, but I’d spent a lot of time getting to like my body before I had my first kid and now it was all different. Allowing myself to think of a perspective where my body wasn’t one continuous thing (which it is) but instead there was an old one and a new one and the old one was ruined – gone forever – and I could grieve that, I was allowed to be upset, then move on to learn how to appreciate this new one, which is *not* a ruined body, helped me a lot to stop being upset about how I was different now.
      I hope that makes my word choice and use of quotations make more sense, and thanks for your comment!


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