A Cat’s Quest




Actually this is pretty unfair to Drakoth (that villain cat there). I liked the main story of A Cat’s Quest, and Drakoth was developed decently and not horrendously generic, even if he put up a farce of it to meet his ends. The game itself was pretty fun, the battle system was simplistic without being stupid, and the amount of cat puns was about a B- Could Stand to be More Unbearable.


“Even pretend to become a crappy generic villain.”


But seriously, to talk about what Drakoth said – If I say, “I hate generic villains,” what I mean is, “I find generic villains to be uncompelling and boring and it ruins my experience of trying to enjoy the story because the hero is less appealing to me because s/he looks lame in comparison wasting their time with some dumb loser who calls himself a villain and I hate that.” This is as opposed to if we’re talking about a villain I hate, because what I mean there is, “I hate that guy.” That’s a huge difference.

There aren’t shortcuts. There’s just laziness in setting up a cardboard cutout for your hero to knock down, and the actual work of making a dynamic villain who is more than just a conflict generator.

Btw if you have a Switch consider Cat’s Quest. It’s cute, silly, and like I said, I enjoyed it.


A+ silliness.

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