Rii the Wordsmith is a young lady who, around the seventh grade, began to take interest in villains more than heroes and who, some time in high school, began to be known by her peers as an evil overlord, in part because of her growing skill in the craft of villains, in part because of her often dark sense of humor and penchant for evil.

The study of villains still fascinates Rii and while she loves all parts of the craft of writing, villains continue to be her favorite, especially as she feels they are the most neglected. She hopes one day to be published and is working with vigor at that goal. She has always wanted to create Build a Villain Workshop, even if originally she wanted to do it as a YouTube series.

Beyond that, Rii has been married since 2012, graduated with a BA in psychology with the hopes to later get a PsyD in forensic psychology, and has meanwhile paused her education to become a mother. She collects dragons and is a huge fan of the Final Fantasy series and cosplay. She is usually wearing a hat, especially her beloved fedora.

And because someone actually searched for it, Rii the Wordsmith’s real name is Leigh J. A. Owens. Probably good to know anyway since that’s the name under which she’ll publish. Because you went to all the trouble to find it, the A stands for “Averett”. The J? It’s a poorly-kept secret.

4 Responses to About

  1. James says:

    When are you going to release a couple of chapters so your adoring public can enjoy your writing.


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