I don’t mind life as a pebble. Usually, it’s quite pleasant. Just, hard to travel. Sometimes, my sheen and smoothness entices a small human child to pick me up and carry me a while, but usually I am lost or else discarded when the child becomes bored with me. Sometimes I am kicked by a human or animal. I don’t like traveling that way. I also don’t like to be washed along by rivers. Rivers try to polish me into nothingness. One time I was eaten by a bird. I was there for a long time and made some pebble friends.

My favorite way to travel is by shoe. When I travel by shoe, I can pretend that I am traveling on my own. When I’m in a pocket, I don’t feel much motion, but I move with each step when I am in a shoe. And that’s the way I want to get off this mountainside.

The problem is that no one wants me in their shoe. I tried to slip up the worn heel of a man traveling by a group of wagons and I was able to enter without a problem but once inside he quickly stopped walking. We were still moving so I suppose he jumped up on one of the wagons. Then he dumped me out of his shoe. I had only moved a few feet! I tried to get into a little girl’s shoe. The toe was open. But because the toe was open, she was able to kick me right back out. The young lad stopped walking and took the time to take off his shoe and dump me out when I worked my way through his sole.

I don’t like being on this mountainside. There are a lot of rocks and pebbles along this way and many of them have better stories than I do. Many of them have similar stories. No one wants to hear about the time I was carried around by a bird.

The procession of travelers all passed and none of them got me very far. I wasn’t even kicked this time, which would have been a little better than not moving at all. I was crushed underfoot and under wagon wheels. I don’t care it’s against the rules. I’m jumping into the next boot that looks like the sole is intact.

There is a man coming now. He is wearing metal shoes. I have never been in a metal boot before. They look sturdy.

On jumping up into the boot as he passed, I realized the metal was just protecting a leather boot beneath. That would make sense. Humans don’t like hard things, that’s why they don’t want me in their shoe. They wouldn’t like a metal boot. Perhaps I’ll be careful of this foot and just hide in the toe. I want to get off this mountainside.

My human has stopped moving. I am bored. I want to get out of this shoe. We walked a long way and even if I’m still on the mountain pass, at least I’ll be far enough down that perhaps the other pebbles here will not have stories that are better than mine. I can hear other humans shouting at my human, but I cannot really make out the call. Is there a problem?

Now we are moving again. I can hear the sound of metal moving around, clashing against other metal. I want to see what is happening. I want out of this shoe. I will place myself under this foot so that I will be removed from this shoe.

The way this shoe is moving, I would think we are dancing. The human is trying to kick me out of his shoe, but there’s no way out. This shoe is too well-made or too new or both. He has to take his shoe off. I will continue to prick him until he lets me out.

The clashing noise is still happening. My human is kicking desperately, trying to get me into his toe. If he wants me out of his shoe so badly, he should stop and take me out. Humans are so stubborn. I am not going to be confined to his toe. Staying in his toe would be hard anyway from the frantic way this human is moving.

My human has made a noise of extreme pain. I do not think that’s appropriate for the little jabs I am giving his foot. He has fallen down. Finally, he is going to take off his shoe. It’s about time.

He is not taking off his shoe. The other humans around are cheering. “The Lord Tyrant is defeated!”

I do not speak human. I do not know what this means. But I would like to get out of this shoe.

Everyone knows something I don't; what do you have to say?

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