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Implementing Mental Disorder

After about three years of peace, my depression has come back in full-blown Crazy!Yuri mode. While I am fairly easily able to say, NO YURI, FRIGGUN STOP SUGGESTING THAT, it’s a never-ending thought now that my depression is back. And … Continue reading

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That Clickbait Wasn’t About OCD

You know the articles I mean, with titles like, “10 Images That Will Set Off Your OCD”. Maybe you think it’s rather OCD of me to want to say (scream), “NO. YOU ARE NOT TALKING ABOUT OCD STOP USING THAT … Continue reading

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Deviant, Disabling, Distressing: Schizophrenia vs DID

Sorry I’m late but today we’re talking about the difference between schizophrenia and DID (previously known as multiple personality disorder). People confuse them often but the difference is really obvious, I don’t know how everyone mixes it up. Stop it. Deviant, disabling, … Continue reading

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Deviant, Disabling, and Distressing: Anxiety, Panic, Nervousnous, ect.

We all get anxious, right? Just like we all get sad. This is why anxiety is probably just as misunderstood as depression, and the two often go hand-in-hand. The thing is, anxiety in an anxiety disorder doesn’t really behave the … Continue reading

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