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Dealing With The “What-Ifs”

Do you ever look at your work and think, “What if I think this is really good, but it’s actually really terrible?” Do you ever wonder what will happen if you finally get a complete, polished manuscript and you submit … Continue reading

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Evil Has Standards, Too

Hello minions! Er, readers! I was toying with the idea of making some posts be Evil PSAs about things like bullying, smoking, nuclear fallout, and other things with which we are faced every day. In trying to decide how to … Continue reading

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Deviant, Disabling, Distressing: Depression vs Extreme Sadness

Hello Readers! Today is Mental Illness Monday! Okay, it’s just Normal Update Monday but I am going to be talking about a mental illness. Why? Because I want my bachelor’s in Psych to be useful for something! Just kidding – think … Continue reading

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The Five Main Points of Villainy: Antagonists

Hello, readers! In case you missed it, this is one in five posts – number four, to be exact. If you missed the previous posts, Motive, Evil Deeds, and Independence, it’s best if you go back and read them first, … Continue reading

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So You Want to Write a Villain: Inspiration

Let’s go ahead and start with something easy. Something that actually has to do with villains that isn’t just a mission statement. Let’s write about some resources, or sources for inspiration. Your first and best resource for overlords is “Peter’s … Continue reading

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