This blog usually updates on Monday

I strived for the “regularly updates on Mondays” and that’s still my goal, but I felt like I should be more honest.

Of course, sometimes it will update on other days, too. Like if I post something and I decide it wasn’t really all that great a post, I’ll probably try to post something later in the week that’s a little more substantial…Or if I do another too-long-by-itself-as-one-post topic, like the 5 main points, then you’ll see this blog update more frequently…hehe, did you see what I did there? With that really long word that’s a long word because it’s so many words stuck together as dashes? Describing the posts that were too long because it’s too many ideas stuck together? hehe…hehe…

Hey, does someone want to go get me some pie? I would really like some pie right about now.

Everyone knows something I don't; what do you have to say?

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