What’s a drabble? It’s a story of exactly 100 words. A good drabble, in my estimation, will have accomplished something by the end, or at least achieved an emotion. Something will have happened, or a character will be understood. Drabbles, at least for me, are quite difficult, and they are an excellent writing exercise for anyone. Care to try you own and share? Any that I feel weren’t a total failure, I will post here:

The steady clink of chains heralded the movement of her tiny cage, ever lower, ever towards the dark pool below her. She flung herself desperately against the walls, crying, banging her fists. “Please, no! Please, don’t do this! Please!” she begged to the echoing chamber above. The unsympathetic chain continued to extend. The bottom grate broached the water’s surface and a score of puddles scurried to form a new surface around her knees and feet. She shook the bars, to no avail. Clenching her eyes shut, she drew in breath and called, “I’m sorry.” The chain clanked to a stop.


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