New Here?

Excellent, a new recruit for my army! Listen here minio-oh. That’s not what you’re here for.

Well, welcome new reader. I’m so glad you came by. If you’re looking for advice on how to write villains, you’re at the right place. If you have a specific topic, try using the search bar – it’s in the footer. And if you’re not really sure what you want, try hovering over the “Home” tab – the “Making Villains” option will allow you a list of every villain-craft post I’ve written. If you want some of my best posts, you’ll want the more specific option of “Presentations” as my five main points of villainy are the solid base for writing any villain. As for the PSAs…well, if you want a laugh, they’re supposed to be funny.

If you have any questions or requests, feel free to contact me! You can find several ways to do so on the “Contact” page. And seriously – any requests at all, just ask. I also always respond to comments so you can always express your thoughts there, too.

Some plans I have for this blog include doing villain reviews and adding a villain sue test. Neither of these have come to fruition yet, but I’ve mostly figured out the metric I want to use for rating villains so that should be forthcoming soon. The villain sue test got…er, majorly delayed due to the fact that somehow I thought I’d have more free time after having a baby. Hilarious, right? Ehehehe…heheh…/sobbing. But I haven’t given up on it yet. Once I finish my current WIP – and I’m just polishing final draft – I’ll be giving it my full attention!

Other than that, you saw that the blog updates regularly on Mondays – usually- and I have posted a little sample of my writing in flash fiction. Also there’s an Easter egg page somewhere, not hidden particularly cleverly but still hidden more than not.

I hope you enjoy my blog!

Everyone knows something I don't; what do you have to say?

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