Comic first, commentary after – although I will say this one isn’t supposed to be funny.


First things first – the deal with ISIL (an arguably more accurate name for ISIS) is an insanely complicated issue. However, every time you say something like “Muslim terrorists” or otherwise act like Islam is the problem, or say, blame the refugees, you’re letting the terrorists win. In fact, you’re an accomplice. But the comic just shows one piece of the puzzle, and the refugees are another very big piece. To explain, it will require me to say something that will shock and piss off a lot of white Christians so I gotta ask you to hold your religious indignation in check for a moment so you hear all of it and not just the part that will piss you off if you’re gonna get pissed off.

ISIL isn’t targeting Christians. They’re targeting the people like the refugees – they’re targeting Muslims. Specifically, they’re leading a mass slaughter against any sect of Islam that isn’t theirs, an extremist Sunni sect. That is not to say that ISIL does not want to kill all Christians as well, and that they consider themselves at war with the West, and seem to think this will be the End of Times battle, because all of these things are also true. But as it happens, the world and its villains don’t revolve around white Christians (or just white people) and ISIL isn’t killing nearly so many of them as they are fellow Semitic peoples who disagree with them. Which is why the refugees aren’t the problem, they’re the targeted.

If you’re still feeling on the verge of rage ready to argue with me, imagine this: the Westboro Baptist Church suddenly surges in size and anger and receives funding (probably from our gov’t, eh?) and is now equipped with an awful lot of guns and whatnot. Their primary agenda is to destroy all other Christian sects. Are they also mortal enemies with Islam? Yes. But first things first, take care of home, tidy up, kill all non-WBC Christians.
They, in this scenario, are not targeting Muslims, but would definitely kill them and may perform terrorist acts that do target them. But the primary objective is not Islam.

Get it?

Could it be possible a terrorist could hide in with refugees? While I really doubt that, especially considering the conditions of escape for many of them, I suppose it’s possible, but to shut the doors on the refugees is to play into the hands of the terrorists, y’know, like with my comic? and to become, again, an accomplice. Muslim and Semitic lives matter. Take the above scenario, you’re fleeing your home via incredibly desperate measures from people who would kill you, and the people to whom you flee say, “No way! You might be one of those Westboro terrorists!” You are being told you will not be sheltered from the people who want to kill you gruesomely because you might be one of the people who want to kill you gruesomely. Okay. That’s cool.

What it comes down to is that ISIL is terribly bad news, but it’s complicated, and defeating them isn’t as simple as bombing an oil field or shutting out refugees or upping the racism against Muslims or anyone with that brownish skin or who wears a scarf or turban on their head. Because upping the racism is a fear reaction. Fear and distrust. And guess what the whole freaking point of terrorism is? Hint: it’s the reason it’s called terrorism. If you want to fight ISIL and you are an average citizen, not a soldier to be deployed, not a national security whatever whose job is to figure out what, pray tell, is exactly going on, if you want to fight ISIL what you need to do is to show an outpouring of love. Yeah, yeah, sappy, but I’m very serious about this. Give others the benefit of the doubt. Let that Arabic-lookin’ taxi driver take you home and treat him like a normal human being, because he probably is. Remember that Islam is as peaceful a religion as Christianity is supposed to be, and that “supposed to be” part is exactly the problem. Do not think of the Qur’an as a book that just says “kill all those white infidels” a thousand times in Arabic and therefore if anyone has one, they’re evil. It’s not, and it actually talks about Christ plenty. It is no worse than the Bible (which contains many more examples of intolerance and ghastly principles that most of us Christians happily ignore, cherrypicking the parts we like).

If you, the average citizen, want to help fight ISIL, then stop being an accomplice. And if you’re Christian, remember what Christ said about your enemy. (Protip: it was love them.)

About Rii the Wordsmith

An aspiring author, artist, avid consumer of storytelling medium, gamer, psychologist (insomuch as one with her bachelor's is a psychologist), wife, mother, DM, Christian, a friend to many, and, most importantly, an evil overlord.
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11 Responses to PSA: TERRORISM!

  1. Incredible post- seriously I wish everyone would read/understand this idea. There’s so much hate/fear directed at muslims in general and it’s just insanity. Love your comic too, so simply and perfectly put- if I had tried to describe this idea it would be like a huge convoluted mess.

    Although, I’m a bit worried that I agree with you so much on all this, as I have to suspect there’s a hidden evil agenda you have, you know, considering your whole evil villain thing… I guess I must be a villain as well… /me *shrugs*


    • It’s an issue I feel pretty strongly about… and while I can see it from a villain’s perspective all too easily (hence the PSA), it’s actually more my gooey center that has such strong feelings about it. Although I guess my evil agenda in this post is guilt tripping people into not being terrorist-accomplice-ing-morons? I was actually terrified to post it, especially since I just had a HUGE facebook argument about the subject, although on that one I was more calling out fellow Christians on their anti-refugee attitude (apparently it was not appreciated that I called it unchristlike despite the fact that, y’know, it freaking is).But there’s so many people who are SO convinced that Islam is EVIL D< so it's scary to speak out about it.
      If it means anything, the whole issue is a huge convoluted mess so in a way, expressing your feelings about it that way is somehow fitting XD but our part in it is simple enough.
      And hey! If it's still the case you're a villain, villains have more fun, so it's all good.

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      • Some things just have to be commented on/defended! There really is so so much hate/misunderstanding of Islam out there, when there is so much shit going on out there that the hate really needs to be stopped. I loved the post, and love that you got into an argument defending people who need it. Man though you are seriously losing your villain edge here! I hope you at least wore a black cape/evil mask when you wrote this!

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        • That’s the funny thing about villains. The ones who aren’t who you think they are are the best and scariest ones. I probably wore a very angry expression when I wrote it, does that count as an evil mask? Though as for me – if you’ve seen Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog (and if you haven’t, you should, it’s only like 40 minutes long) then I’m like pie. I’ve got a sweet, kindly surface with a deep, dark layer of villainry and an even deeper layer that’s exactly like the top, surfacy layer.

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        • Umm I have never heard of Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, but I am incredibly intrigued! Will look it up tonight! Also that’s an amazing way to describe yourself, although it kind of makes me hungry for chocolate pie, which makes me feel really weird about myself, like I am a closet cannibal or something…


        • It’s Joss Wheadon Neil Patrick Harris Nathan Fillion musical goodness. About a villain, no less.
          In all fairness, I eat so much pie, I probably would taste like it. Though not so much chocolate pie. I’m picky about chocolate pies, I’ve had too many gross ones.

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        • Ah, in all honesty I haven’t had one for quite awhile- I prefer things with icing… but my grandma used to make a pretty awesome chocolate pie.

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    • Oh also thanks so much for the positive comment! They actually mean sooo much to me – I saw an email that said I had a comment on it and my anxiety spiked XD but then it was you and positive and yeah, thanks so much. (I mean I can handle negative comments but it’s not great for my anxiety.)

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      • Ah I totally know what you mean. Personally I just melt into a panic attack when I get negative feedback. It’s pretty ridiculous really- I had several negative things on facebook this week happen and totally melted 😦


        • 😦 The only reason I don’t do that as much is due to growing a thicker skin in the safe environment of my writer’s group. My first few meetings, I almost dissolved into tears from all the things they said were wrong with my chapter. I mean, they weren’t even mean about it of course, just abrupt, matter-of-business. Still very hard to hear, even if I need to hear it. I’m very grateful that they were patient with a purported adult nearly crying when they gave me valuable criticism XD It’s not hard now. Taking criticism and hearing negative feedback is totally a learned skill and it’s harder to learn if the feedback is also mean. And also if your anxiety is already on the lookout for confirmation that you suck and people hate you. So on the one hand, there’s not so much a need to feel bad about meltdowns. But on the other hand they suuuuuuck and I’m sorry it’s something that happened 😦

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        • Ah yeah oh man I could nottt handle going to a writer’s group! There’s no way I would even be able to read anyone else’s work, too much pressure! I prefer to just write in my room and have my dogs tell me how perfect I am (after several treats)… they are such wonderful critics!


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